Wahida Ahmed Lecturer, DIET Kamrup, Mirza


Learn about a language is easy. But learn how to use it in every context properly is a difficult task.
The theory of grammar is a theory of human language and hence establishes the relationship among all languages. As teachers,we would all agree that English is still very important for academic work, people use English to gather information and knowledge from books, the internet and other information hubs. We use English to communicate in the workplace and English is still the most important means for access to higher education. Therefore we need to teach our students how to use English academically, that is for defining, comparing, arguing reporting, describing, commenting, debating and so on. We know that success in all these academic functions requires mastery of specific grammatical structures and categories.
The main aim of grammar is to enable the pupils to speak correct sentence and also write. The knowledge of grammar should begin with sentence and not with the words.
The teachers should keep in mind when they are teaching grammar at elementary level that Talking too much will lose the interest of the students and even bore them. So the teacher should give importance on that where students are doing the talking. It will help them to vocally

practice what they are learning and can guess the next grammatical rule before the teacher explain the concept. This will allow them to brain Strom.
The teacher should allow their students to practice target structure in their mother tongue instead of 'fill in the blanks' which generally grammar book and worksheet include. The teacher may assign them to write a paragraph or even a conversation with their classmates. This will help them to demonstrate the rules and concepts they have just learned.
The knowledge of grammar should help the students in their future life and day-to-day life.
The teacher should prepare example on real life situation to teach grammar. He/she must think when and where his/her students need to use the grammar they are learning? If he or she can give example on real life situation like on restaurant menu or a bus schedule it will bring them in a real life application and will give them the chance to see the grammar rules and concept being used by the real world, then they can realize that grammar is important for the outside world, not just in the classroom.


We know that every student have learnt differently and the information retain by them, will also be different because of it. So the teacher should pay close attention to every students and classroom as a whole. This will give the students a challenge without being too difficult to learn the ideal grammar lessons.


A perfect communication activity is one of the best ways to practice grammar. Speaking with a classmate and brainstorming ideas over a concept will get the students thinking easier than just another worksheet Communication between students is great for their overall learning experience.
The teacher should remember that they are dealing with the elementary students. So they should start with simple..Knowing the simple grammar structures and rules will be more than enough.
English grammar can be simple if laid out properly. Start from the beginning, give a few exercises and let the student do the work on their own. The teacher can ask pupils to create a grammar book where they will write different tense structures, examples and rules. So they have a reference when needed.
Teaching grammar can be fun experiments for the teacher and the students, but make sure to give them the right amount of challenges and encourage communication and practice.