Theme based Teaching



Teaching is not a cup of tea, that anyone  can sip very easily. It is an art and skill to be learnt. It requires the knowledge of subject content, methods, techniques and Teaching aids to be used for making teaching interesting and effective. Again classroom teaching is a social, dynamic and complex activity and the problems which the teachers faces in a classroom are also complex, varied and multi dimensional in nature. To come out of these problems, the useful strategy towards a possessive teaching learning process is to motivate the students. Thus a teacher should design some strategy of educational activities to achieve certain kind of goals in an active classroom. An active classroom transaction is consists of permissive style of teaching strategies that a teacher can adopt such as project, group,  discussion, role-playing, assignment, brain storming question-answer heuristic. Beside all these Theme based teaching(monthly/ weekly) is another type of strategy to help a teacher to inculcate a better knowledge of certain topics among the students in a play way method.
Theme based learning can be made a better and popular way to organise the curriculum in a primary school. It involves a child learning through one central topic. It helps to inspire students to learn any subject( Mathematics, English, Environmental studies) through the teaching of one topic.
Theme based teaching can be carried out for a period of week or month, means the whole month or week. The children will learn a central topic with different activities related to it. The central theme for the month connects different learning activities and integrates different learning areas, subjects and skills together.
Themes can come from anything that children are connected to, such as:

  1. Items they see around them
  2. Favourite storybooks or
  3. Special events happening in their life.

Some example of using the theme based learning, we can have children dive deep into topics.
Activity for theme based teaching(theme can be used for one week or one month):

  1. Rainbow theme:




A whole month or week can be used as rainbow month or week. Students of different grades can do different activities related to rainbow.
Step 1- Let the students draw and colour a rainbow (art & craft).
*The teachers can decorate the classroom with the pictures drawn by the students for the whole month or the week.
Step 2- The students will try to find out the name of colours within the help of the teachers (Language  & Literacy).
Step 3- In maths class the ordinal numbers can be taught in the sequence of rainbow colours as – Violet colour comes in 1st, indigo 2nd, blue 3rd and so on (Maths).
Step 4- When and how rainbow forms in the sky, how the colours are formed can be discussed in the classroom through group discussion (Environmental studies).
*Teachers can use the respective text books for the respective subjects.

  1. Fruits/ Vegetables/ Birds/ Animals theme:


Flowchart: Multidocument: My Booklet of BirdsStep 1- Home assignment


Let the students go with their parents, will watch the birds around their area without disturbing them. Take notes of what they see, will come back home and prepare a mini booklet giving the following details of three birds.

Text Box: Draw the Bird in this box
Date:  ………………………………..
Time: ………………………………...
Name of the Bird: ………………

(If the child don’t know the name of the bird, parent / teachers will help).
Step 2- This bird is called ……………………….. in English/ Language.
(Language and Literacy)
The Bird is ………………………(Write the colour of the Bird).
Step 3- The Bird is ………………………(Write size of the bird- Big or Small).
Step 4- I saw the birds (Write where you saw the bird, what they eat, physical appearance of the bird briefly).
(Environmental studies)
Step 5- It was ……………………….( Write what sound the bird was making).
(Environmental studies)
Step 6 - Find out total number of birds collected from each students. Now it can be arranged into groups as group of 3, group of 6, group of 9 etc. (With this example, concept of multiplication can be introduced).
*In this way monthly based themes can be designed by the teachers achieving all the learning outcomes of different disciplinary subjects.


Thus the thematic concept can transform to the relative  textbooks gradually. Using Theme based learning, we the teachers  can help the children dive deep into topic they are passionate about. When we tap into the natural curiosity  of the children they are motivated  and excited  to find out more in their own. They become active  learners. In some other words, Students are allowed to prepare and design their own learning  outcomes through Thematic learning method. Which can be flew to their relative textbooks.