ANJANA DEKA Block Resource Person, Hajo, Kamrup


With a view to promote self expression, constructive activities, flexible learning amongst the learners and make Science and Mathematics learning fun and joyful, Science and Maths Club has been formed in almost all Government and provincialised schools having classes VI,VII and VIII under Rastriya Aviskar Abhiyan.  A fund of RS. 10,000 has also been released  in every  Govt/ provincialised Upper Primary School  for conducting various activities under this club.
Some major activities to be performed under the Science and Maths club are:

  1. Preparation of Wall Magazine viz: Science Wall Magazine and Maths Wall Magazine,
  2. School based workshop  to fascilitate the students to prepare the working model of Science and Mathematics,
  3. Making Science and Maths corner,
  4. Observance of National Science Day on 28th February
  5. The Club will be in contact with Scientist and other nearby scientific institution with whom the learners will interect to discuss about exciting scientific topics and share some ‘science in action’
  6. The club can also conduct the following activities to make science and maths popular amongst the learners:
  7. Maths related games, Magic of numbers, puzzles and number tricks etc. can be given to the learners as fun activity,
  8. The club may carry out awareness programme and cleanliness drive,
  9. Maintain a bulletin board for displaying news related to current affairs on Science and Mathematics,
  10. Essay competition on scientific problems may be organized,
  11. Discuusions, debate, essay writing, workshops, science quize competition may be conducted,
  12. Science excursions and visits, fairs, lectures, seminars etc may be arranged.

Many activities out of those mentioned above are conducted by various schools under Kamrup district.  Some of those conducted in Hajo block are shown with photographs:


Many schools made Herbarium and Science and Mathematics Wall Magazine. Above are the two made by Bhringeswar High school and Siliguri M V School, Hajo block .
Science and Mathematics workshop are conducted once a year for preparation of various working and non-working models of science and mathematics and are displayed in cluster level exhibition, which after selection are again displayed in Block level exhibition  and then in the District level exhibition which is held on the occasion of National Science Day every year. Following are the some pictures of science and mathematics workshop conducted at Hajo Senior Basic school, Barhardia M.E school and Kushal Konwar High school of Hajo block


Following are the pictures of Science and Maths corner made by some schools named Barsoli Hatkhola High School, Khetrihardia M E school and Kushal Kunwar High school of Hajo Block:


During workshop children of various schools prepare various models.   Here are some models made by the students of Bargaon Ketekijhar M.E school and Siliguri M.VSchool.


Students are also taken to field visit under science and maths club. Kushal Konwar High school took the students to Akshay Patra, Amingaon. Below are the picture of the trip.


So various activities are done by many schools under Science and Maths Club. I must mention that some very good activities done by some schools are missing in this report as I am not able to get the photographs . Also there are some schools where the Science and Maths teacher is not aware of this Club and the activities. Again some head of the school are not aware about this fund . Therefore, through 'GURUBARTA', I would like to request the higher authority to share guideline or the heading along with the fund. Also I would like to request the School Head and the President of SMC/SMDC to display a board where the fund received from various heads in a financial year will be written so that each and every teacher and guardian along with the SMC/SMDC members will be able to know about the fund and that way they can share their views about proper implementation of each and every fund with fruitful activities. However, the goal of the Science and Maths club can be achieved without fund also, but with an active teacher who has the willpower to inculcate the scientific mindset amongst the students. So I hope in future every school in Kamrup District will form Science and Maths Club and perform various actities for the betterment of our children.