Proud to be an Indian

Jepulin Das Assistant Teacher, Satpakhali M.V.S, Rampur block
Jepulin Das

Proud to be an Indian,
Where my soul prosper with grace,
Mind speaks without fear and disgrace.
Suffuse in the air chants of Sri Shankardeva, Buddha, Nanak and Mahavir,
And I can breathe with ease,
Holding my head high heed.

Proud to be an Indian,
To born on your lap,
That nurtured fearless bravery,
Gandhi-Azad, Netaji-Bhagat,
The martyr to bring the dawn of freedom
Breaking the shackles of slavery.

Proud to be an Indian,
To celebrate Diwali and Eid,
With same pomp and glee,
Where azaan awakes my morn
And rhythm of doba
from distant namghor lit my eve.

Proud to be an Indian,
To feed my knowledge,
By the richness of slokas of Gita and Vedas,
Beaded like pearls the wisdom of numerous Scriptures, epics, legends and mythology,
Those nourish the soul of my beloved country.

Proud to be an Indian,
Where my tricolour flies with dignity,
Pervading through space and eternity,
Conquering the world with science and technology,
Where the clear stream of knowledge and reason flows through ages
That shapes the spirit of my country.

Volumes of emotion made me restless,
The love for my country couldn't be expressed,
Words fall short for my pride and gratitude,
The tears sprinkling reflect my attitude,
Freedom in mind, faith in words,
pride in heart I salute...I salute...I salute.