The person behind "Bangara Talukdarpara LPS" Mrs. Daibyabala Choudhury


"Teaching is a noble profession that shapes the character , caliber and future of an individual. If people remember me as a good teacher, that will be the biggest honour for me"-- Said by Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. The quote of this great personality inspires me to recall all the teachers who had passed their lives in building my character, behaviour, knowledge, wisdom, skill & profession.

As a teacher, in my profession of 7 years I covered my journey started in Morigaon followed in Goalpara and now I joined in Kamrup district in 2019. The name of the school where I have joined is Bangara Talukdarpara Balika Lower Primary School.

Any retired teacher can be a tremendous resource to the learning educator, which gives me a great pleasure to say that we recognise, respect and appreciate all the valuable skills and knowledge. Our respected teachers have imparted onto the future educator or a teacher. This feelings built enthusiasm in my mind to gather some information on the history of Bangara Talukdarpara Balika LPS, about the founder of the school and the very first teacher of the school.

I met Smt. Daibyabala Choudhury, the founder and very first teacher of the school in Saraswati Puja at newly appointed school. To gather some experiences I decided to interview her on 16/08/21.


She informed me a lot about her field through our interview in which we covered; her background that prepared her to be a teacher, how she started building the school,the goals that develop students' academic independence and self advocacy, how she felt about being adequately prepared for her teaching program.

Madam was born in 30th April 1943 at Kendurtol village. Her father's name was Late Holiram Talukdar. She completed her elementary education in 1954 from Simona Lower Primary School .


In 1959 she got married with Late Ramani Kanta Choudhury a resident of village Bangara and who was a teacher at Bangara Pachonipara MVS. After two years of her marriage she started her profession as a teacher. As she was insisted by local persons of Bangara to offer education of their wards she started her noble work as a teacher. At first she was the single teacher for 10-12 students . On 6th January 1961, it was her beginning to impart knowledge and moulds a student's future through education. In that time lower primary school curriculum consisted ক শ্ৰেণী, খ শ্ৰেণী and class I, II, III. For the sitting arrangement in classroom, students had to carry " Thoila" (Jute bag as mat) along with them, whenever came to school. Building of the school was made of clay and stiff grass. That time, the capital of Assam was Shillong and with the initiatives of Late Radhika Deb, M.L.A. the school was established. She revealed that " অসমীয়া শিক্ষক হিচাপে , পাঁচটা শ্ৰেণীৰে ক্লাছ কৰিছিলোঁ কিন্তু মই কষ্ট অনুভব কৰা নাছিলোঁ" --- these words can inspire all the learner educators or teachers. During that period she was admitted in Basic Teacher's training on deputation ground. She moved to Roha in 1966 leaving her three kids at home in a hope of something to get for her students. According to Mrs Choudhury she had a nice experience during the training period. As a trainee she had completed many tasks which later on helped her to implement among her students. Among those methods of teaching, self-dependency rule, engagement in Extra curricular activities were being highlighted. She showed her tremendous performance in farming of vegetables, weaving cotton clothes, dance & music. She mentioned that they followed a strict time table for all the activities. Later on this skill was implemented by her in classroom. In 1967 she completed course with an achievement of 2nd class in the training program.

After returning back to school, she implemented all the skills and techniques in her classroom for creating a better environment of education in the schools which helped in rising flow of enrollment in school. As soon as the permanent building set up was made, she exhibited her Art & Craft skill thorough the wall painting on interior part of the classrooms. After offering her 40 years of her life, she got retired from the noble job in 2001 as a Head teacher. She left behind Mahendra Choudhury as Head teacher of the school.

After retirement, she passed a long time in visiting different holy places across the country- Jagannath temple, Haridwar, Kashi, Triveni Sangam Parakhuram Kunda, Tirupoti, Rameswaram. After gathering her experiences now she is passing her days of relaxation with her daughter and the local people. Mrs. Daibyabala Choudhury is now an important and valuable asset for the village Bangara and her experiences have been utilised for the benefit of the village.

Through this write up, I want to take the privilege to thank this great teacher for everything she has done for the establishment of Bangara Talukdarpara LPS on behalf of all the students and teachers.