The role of a teacher in the society

Wahida Ahmed Lecturer, DIET Kamrup, Mirza, Assam
Wahida Ahmed

            "Teacher are literally the arbiters of a nations destiny" – Dr Zakir Hussain
            From the quoted views, it is clean that a teacher can play a vital role in the progress and welfare of a society. The role of a teacher in the society assumes great significance. Today the average teacher's perception of his role and responsibility is far too limited and is concerned with his own immediate tasks and covering the subject matter prescribed for the examinations. The teacher must actively associate himself as an essential and responsible partner, in the great tasks which face the nation. Children are the potential wealth of a nation. Since classroom, are controlled by class teacher, therefore the children are always exposed to the influence of the teacher. Hence the teacher seems to play the most dominate role in moulding and shaping the attitudes, habits, manners, character and personality of the young students. Thus, we can say that the progress of the nation and of mankind depends to a large on the teacher. The role of the present-day teacher has become very challenging and complex. He/she has to keep in, view the new concepts like individualized instruction micro teaching, programmed learning, and team teaching etc. The teacher has to handle many children who come from better socioeconomic groups and family backgrounds and at times may be more informed than the teacher who often comes from a lower socioeconomic mooring. Students from weaker sections of the society are coming in large numbers to receive education and they have to be treated on equal footing and given due came. In the present century the teacher is expected to play the role of an initiator by exploiting the new technology to the best advantages. He should play the roles of planned organized of curricula innovator of educational ideas, practice and 2 system writers of Radio and T.V, lessons and programmes and user of video-tapes etc. The role of a teacher in society is both significant and valuable. It has far reaching influence on the society he lives in and no other personality can have an influence more profound than that of a teacher. In addition to these attributes, the role of a teacher is to acquire professionalism and ethics and abide by them own moral code and that of their school The world changes day by day and there are no doubt that the modern society is not the same with and an ancient one. Education system has changed completely. Now a days being teacher does not mean only being a helper in difficult process of getting education. It means being creative and highly talented "guide" which accompanies as student in all way of studying. Thus "At teacher effects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops". "What the teacher is more important than what he teaches". (Karl A. Menninger)