Gour Ch Barman Asst. Teacher, SSA, Kamrup

Is there anybody in the world who does not suffer from Depression? Are you also suffering from the same or you are exception to this common phenomenon? And if you are so, I must say, you are gifted and lucky enough to enjoy your life. But, so far practicality is concerned, there is none who can escape from this inevitable occurrence, although it comes out sometimes from an artificial source. More or less, every individual is destined to suffer from this fatal disease for which medical remedy is rarely to be recommended.

What do you think on the term of Depression? So far my knowledge goes, I would like to define it as an imbalanced state of mind with the feelings of severe desolation or hopelessness which may be caused due to various internal and external factors. Your poor health condition which is not getting well or improving even after your utmost efforts, is enough to bring your Depression. If you are not good with your family members, particularly with your better-half, you are sure of being suffered from Depression. But in the general view point, repeated failures in your efforts for getting something that you desire, is also enough to lead you towards the den of Depression. At the same time, you also can not deny the importance of Financial Freedom in this regard. If you are not financially sound enough to support your need, it is sure: that shall make you suffer from Depression.

Depression may also be derived from the facts of inferior complexity, loss of love, loss in the competitions, for not getting the expected ones, loss of success in every respect and even of course, from your physical deformity. You may also suffer from depression for the loss of friends or relations, loss of name and fame, for the loss of character, position, money and power, and many more. It may also come from the betrayal by others – from the nearest or dearest ones.

Above all, the highest order of Depression comes from the development of bitter-relationship between the couples, because it is a form of Duel-Depression. Both of them are affected almost equally, where practical solution is very rare to be sorted out. I do not think Divorce, in this regard, is the real solution to the end of the problem where spiritualism is concerned. How can a united soul be parted from or fragmented into two or more? It is, rather, shattered into pieces for creating spiritual vacuum in the name of humanism.

On the other hand, non-curable physical ailment is enough to foil all the dreams of a man of any age group. A person may have everything he desires: money, power, name, fame---many more and what not! But unfortunately, the person is found suffering from cancer or with HIV positive. Will the person concerned remain happy with all his/her rare belongings that he/she has been blessed with? This is how the fact can be realised that frustration is not just a mental tumult or a psychological affliction, rather it may be transplanted even in the barren field of undue corporeal constitution : either you may be differently abled or mentally retarded. Thus a good health or a good brain with higher I/Q may be termed as gifted while co-incidence or favourable circumstances are to be regarded as Lucky-Point. And, this phenomenon, certainly implies again, the inevitable Role of Luck in the life of a Fatalist.

Who wants to be unhappy in this world? Is it not a fact that every individual wishes to be happy? And accordingly, all of them: even the beggars or the daily wagers, are making their best efforts with a view to keeping themselves elated forever with all his/her nearest or dearest ones as well. But how many of them come out successful achieving their desires? Among the million and million people in world, how many of them can say whole-heartedly that he/she is happy enough in every aspect of life. Will this reply not be a rare one? so, again the dominance of frustration prevails in the context and proves it adherence to the fact that Depression is an integral part of a charming life.

Depression affects a person in a variety of manners. Very few people can tackle it in an efficient manner. It requires a good deal of patience and a little bit of good-luck. It is because that if you are not gifted with patience and the quality of acceptance, it will not be possible for you to achieve the desired efficiency for the purpose or to tackle the disaster. Naturally, the whole process promotes you to be the Natural Fatalist that believes in the theory of Complete Surrender at the feet of the Almighty.

Therefore, to overcome this severe mental & psychological ailment i.e. Depression, you must possess the quality of patience and thereby to wait for the opportune moment to come to do the needful in time. Let you observe and wait with your honest and sincere efforts till the crisis is mitigated. You must have patience without breaking down your heart, also without taking any quick emotional wrong steps that may have brought your demolition forever. Hence, you must keep in your mind the famous message: "Time is the killer of the half of the problems". So again, dependence on Him, the Almighty, is only the key factor for the purpose.

Of course, you have to be optimist in every aspect of life leaving behind all your pessimistic views from your mind. Close down all your negative possibilities and try to welcome whole-heartedly all the positive possibilities. Display your constructive ideas through your every right action to be done for the mission. Moreover, your logical views shall make you more Pragmatic for your right experience, and remember: there shall be no doubt that Pragmatism shall lead you towards the victory over your Depression.

In regard to your family relations may be with your better-half or with anybody else, always try to be hopeful for the betterment. Never be haughty, arrogant or adamant, which can never help you for any sort of negotiations with anybody rather it brings bifurcation or widens the gap more and more. So, try to forget all the ill-experiences with your oppositions if it happened even in the long past and be hopeful for establishing a sweet relation at any cost. Also, try to possess a compromising mood even by sacrificing your selfish motives if the need arises, but that should be done for the greater good of you all in the long future. At the same time, it should be borne into your mind that sacrifice in the name of compromise is a noble purpose for the well-being of all concerned but it should not be at the cost of someone's dignity.

Submission in front of your oppositions, that is too, in the name of your happiness, shall not be treated as a disgraceful state of mind. Of course, I am not talking about that sort of submission which may cause the loss of your identity or which may hurt your sensible sentiments questioning your existence. If it happens, surely it shall bring your never ending frustration to make you mentally imbalanced. So, the reality comes out again that a trouble-torn heart or a tormented mind along with an afflicted soul can never be the source of real peace of mind. Hence, be alert in the name of either submission or sacrifice so that your state of mind does not get affected for some undue responses.

Always try to remain calm and quiet in the hot and tough situations and try to hold your tongue so far as possible. Never use your tough language to reach the deepest grief into the hearts of your oppositions which will not at all help you any way rather it degrades your noble spirit. Of course, in this complete process one sided effort shall not be so effective as you may desire because it is a joint venture, a parallel process; where sacrifice must be there from the both ends.

Now, what shall be the reliable healing source of this daunting challenge of our life? Can the best doctors of the world prescribe the remedy of this trouble? This might be the only fact that one must welcome his/her Depressions as challenges of life to be fought against and certainly the winner of the two shall celebrate at the end. So, one must learn how to challenge the frustrations with utmost patience and the quality of acceptance. But, there is a limit of everything, if we fail to carry on the confrontations, naturally Depression shall be victorious to make our life a huge burden for us. Survival will be a big question mark. Hence, the Gospel goes around and predominates our mind and spirit that "Accept your challenges and carry on your struggle as long as you survive and till the goal is reached in the long run.